Welcome to Pretirely, a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type game where you try to make your assets last through retirement. As you navigate through the years, you'll encounter an economy that looks just like some year in the past, and you'll see your assets affected by inflation, high and low stock and bond returns, and changing home values. Each year you have a chance of dying that is computed using the probability for your sex and age from the Social Security life expectancy tables. The goal of the game is to avoid running out of money before you die!

This is the beta version of the game. You get a random starting point and can cycle through the years to see how it turns out. You can click on the "Options" button in the top right corner to completely start over with a new scenario, replay the same values a second time to see if it turns out differently, or set your own starting values.

The game throws random events and questions at you. Sometimes you have to choose whether or not to do some high ticket activity or bring in more income, sometimes you are just informed that something happened that is out of your control.

There is a simplified "income tax" system that has some similarities to the US tax system. Earnings in your non-IRA/401k accounts are taxable income. Withdrawals from your IRA/401k are taxable. Social Security and pension payments are fully taxable. Everything is taxed at a flat rate.

I'm working on many improvements to this game, like more ability to stop and make decisions and changes as you step through the years, and adding more common events you can't control.

This game is just that, a game. It's in no way a predictor of the future. But I think it's interesting, and hopefully a little educational, to try to "live" through "retirement" in a variety of situations.