Adding Random Events and Choices

I've made more changes to Pretirely. Originally you just navigated through the years and saw what happened to your assets in response to the current inflation rate and stock and bond return rates. Now I've added a step called "See What Happens This Year" where you get a random event or choice. You might decide to go on a cruise or find out you just got socked with big medical bills.

I also added in an income tax system. The PRS (Pretirely Revenue Service) has some simplified rules that resemble those of the IRS. Like withdrawals from your IRA/401k are taxable income, as are earnings in accounts held outside of IRAs and 401ks. The PRS is very accomodating. Each year it computes your taxes and automatically pays them!

Hope you enjoy the Pretirely Retirement Game!!

Making a Game Out Of Retirement

Welcome to Pretirely, a "Choose Your Own Retirement" game where you try to make assets last through retirement. As you navigate through the years, you'll encounter an economy that looks just like some year in the past, and you'll see your everything affected by inflation, high and low stock and bond returns, and changing home values.