Pretirely was created by Karen Stevenson, the author of related sites like ElderWeb and 30 Year Vacation.

This an early beta version of the Pretirely Game. You get a random starting point and can cycle through the years to see how it turns out. You can click on the "Options" button in the top right corner to completely start over with a new scenario, replay the same values a second time to see if it turns out differently or set your own starting values. The game ends when you "die", and the probability of that is calculated each year based on your sex and age using the Social Security life expectancy probability tables.

I'm working on many improvements to this game, like adding the ability to stop and make decisions and changes as you step through the years, throwing in random events you can't control, and showing the effect of income taxes and minimum required distributions.

Lots of financial calculators allow you to input your starting assets and then subject them to a "Monte Carlo Simulation". That means they compute what would happen to those assets in a wide variety of scenarios. Then they tell you the likelihood that you have saved enough to last. But that's not the same as stepping through the years to see what things might really look like. Nor does it allow you an opportunity to change direction in response to what is happening.

This game is just that, a game. It's in no way a predictor of the future. But I think it's interesting, and hopefully a little educational, to try to "live" through a variety of situations.

I hope you'll keep checking back and let others know about Pretirely!